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We model and forecast the cost of carbon capture technologies


Bottoms-up assessments of the future of carbon capture

Business, policymakers, and activists are counting on carbon capture to make a significant contribution to reducing current emissions, and potentially even reversing the emissions of the past. There is no single solution for carbon capture, however, and none of the technologies currently under consideration have scaled.

Carbon capture solutions currently under consideration for point source, direct air capture, and more general "carbon dioxide reduction" span an incredibly wide technical range, including chemical absorption, physical adsorption, electrochemical capture, geochemical reactions, biomass growth, and revised agricultural practices. Our mission at Cost of Carbon Capture, LLC, is to help stakeholders sort through the diverse cost and performance claims of these solutions, and deepen their understanding enough to make intelligent investment decisions.

Carbon capture cost consultants have over a decade in modeling the cost of climate technologies that are on the cusp of scaling, from batteries to solar to innovative food and agricultural products. We bridge the gap between the scientists/engineers who build and scale world-changing technology, and the finance/investors who have to decide which products are worth investment. We bring a unique combination of PhD-level technical understanding and financial forecasting to help stakeholders entering the carbon capture economy identify risks and opportunities, and decide how to deploy their scarce money and attention in the field.





We model the cost structure and competitiveness of future carbon capture technologies, including point source, direct air capture, ocean capture, and biological capture

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Cost models of emerging technologies

We offer access to cost models of the most common capture technologies, and provide consulting services to help you integrate this knowledge, and to develop bespoke models for special circumstances.

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Forecasts of industry growth and technology scaling

We work with your team and needs to model new technologies and assumptions for their use.

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Benchmarking and competitive analysis

Locate a program within the greater context of the carbon capture market, including point source, direct air capture,  biochar and other biomass solutions, and enhanced weathering.

Interactive models help you test assumptions, and plan scenarios

Our models and forecasts are delivered as Excel (or similar) spreadsheets, with the most sensitive parameters pulled forward to make your work as straightforward as possible.

Scan a Google Sheets version below (desktop only)


Who We Are

Cost of Carbon Capture, LLC, combined science and finance acumen to give your company confidence in its technology strategy and investment plan



Cost of Carbon Capture, LLC

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